Do I need to live in Spalding Corners to join?

Thanks for your interest in The Club at Spalding Corners – the official swim and tennis club for Spalding CornersSpringside at NeelySpalding Bluff and Chattahoochee Station
If you live in one of our Resident Neighborhoods listed above, you MUST be a club member to use any of the Club's facilities (e.g. pool, tennis courts, basketball, etc.) or to participate in Club's Swim Team or Tennis Teams.
Membership is also available for residents who live outside of Spalding Corners and the Resident Neighborhoods.
If you live outside one of our Resident Neighborhoods, you may join The Club as a Non-Resident with full membership privileges or you may join The Club's Swim Team and/or Tennis Team(s) to participate in those activities as a Non-Member by paying a non-member fee. There are no Non-Member options for recreational use of the pool, just for Tennis and Swim Team.